Why AI Could Be Great If You’re in a Skilled Trade

AI will change work forever and some jobs may be replaced by technology. However, those in skilled trades might have the most job security of all.

By: Brian Gaysunas

Improving technology comes hand-in-hand with the automation of jobs. It’s already been seen with robots in factories and assembly lines, and in customer service with computer phone operators. Similar improvements are being made in artificial intelligence (AI), which will have major implications on current jobs spanning all industries. Those in skilled trades, however, may have the most to gain.


Job security

Some fear for their jobs with the emergence of AI, but this isn’t an issue that those in skilled trades face. The current trend of AI is automating logic-based work or wide-scale repetitive tasks, such as checking and sending emails. Technology mostly benefits workers with high skills, with improvements intended to assist workers instead of replace them. When considering the existing skill shortage in skilled trades, AI only strengthens job security for skilled tradespersons.


Better communication

All skilled trades require communication between those providing a service and those that need the service. AI can make communication between the two parties easier by streamlining it entirely. Even if you aren’t communicating with your client directly, the process can be sped up. When good communication exists between these parties, meeting the client’s expectations becomes easier. This can mean completing more jobs, happier clients, and as a result, more revenue.


Better organization

AI can boost organization through improved communication, but also has applications in managing tasks. Businesses can benefit from greater organization. AI can build out tasks with assigned deadlines and divvy up assignments for the most efficient way to tackle those tasks. After assignments are made, the program can send out notifications to ensure that everything is completed by its deadline.


Better organization benefits every part of a business and makes life much easier. Organization can keep you constantly informed of what you need to be doing, which can drastically reduce stress. Beyond reducing stress, organization makes you more efficient. As efficiency increases, you become closer to working only when you need to.


Flexible schedule

Task management software can bring you closer to working only when you need to. AI is making it even easier to take full control over your schedule. Gig work apps like tilr could soon serve high skilled industries, using an algorithm to match people to jobs.



Skilled labor may be the most secure job on the market right now, and the quality of work is about to improve through AI. Soon there will be better communication, better organization, and more flexible schedules, all thanks to artificial intelligence. If you are in a skilled trade or are interested in skilled trades, don’t fear emerging AI technology – embrace it!