Guide to Job Board Pricing

There are many job boards to post jobs on, so how can you determine the right job board for your business?

By: Brian Gaysunas

Job boards generally either use a subscription model or have a set cost for each job posting. The benefit of using a job board is getting your opportunity seen by a larger audience, therefore getting workers for your job openings more easily. Not all job boards have the same reach, however, and some options are far more expensive than others.


Use this guide to determine the site that best fits your needs.


Pay Per Post

Craigslist –  $10-75

Resume-Library – $79

Snag (formerly Snagajob) – $89

CareerBuilder – $375 – $395

Monster – $399

Indeed – Variable per day


These websites allow you post per job opportunity for a lower cost. The massive popularity of Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed make them the most expensive job boards to post on, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.


The ‘pay per post’ option is often used when positions only become available a few times per year or less. This option is also used by businesses that have very specific positions that need to be filled – for example, a company that is always looking to hire more customer service representatives.


Subscription Model

CareerBuilder – $199+ Subscription

Nexxt – $199+ Subscription

ZipRecruiter – $249 Subscription

Glassdoor –  $249+ Subscription –  $299+ Subscription


There are also websites that offer monthly subscriptions, allowing you to post multiple jobs per month for a fixed rate. This option makes the most sense if you regularly need new workers in different positions every month.


CareerBuilder has three subscription tiers, each allowing more job posts – $199 for one post, $299 for 3 posts, and $499 for 5 posts. CareerBuilder also offers one-time postings for $375 per post. Nexxt has among the cheapest subscriptions but follows a model very similar to CareerBuilder – with $199 per month for 1 job post, $299 for 5 job posts, and $499 for 10 job posts.


ZipRecruiter offers three subscription tiers with varying amount of active job slots, starting at one available job posting. The lowest price available for a ZipRecruiter subscription is $249 and can be more expensive depending on how many jobs you need to post at once.


Glassdoor subscriptions cost $249 or more, depending on your plan. Pricing is dependent on company size. also has three plans, an Enterprise plan with 3 job postings for $299, a plan with 6 job postings for $399, and an unlimited posting plan.


Any subscription job posting service is used mainly by companies that constantly need help in different areas. Growing companies and already well-established companies always need workers, so a subscription makes the most sense. If you won’t be posting 3-5 or more job opportunities per month or you’re unsure how many positions you’ll need to hire for at any given time, it’s best to stray away from job posting subscription services.


Free alternatives to job board posting

If you are hiring for positions that don’t require a degree or certification, job boards aren’t the best solution. Job board websites focus on resumes and applications, which means you might not be reaching the right people.


Job search groups, such as those on Facebook and LinkedIn, are a great alternative to job boards. These groups often allow businesses to post their opportunities for free to very specific areas. Most cities have multiple job search groups, which could be an excellent place to find a lot of workers. Social media can also be used for its share potential. Having current employees share opportunities can allow you to reach a much larger audience.


Another alternative is making use of new technology to do most of the work for you. Apps like tilr allow you to post jobs for free. tilr is a service that finds the right workers for you, saving you the time it takes to review resume applications and conduct interviews. tilr can be used when you need someone to fill in for someone who is on vacation or when you’re looking to reinforce your staff for peak times. It can be used to find help quickly, whether you need workers for just a day or for months.


It’s important to save time and money whenever you can. Each business have different needs and no single job board or alternative makes sense for every business. Take the time to find what best suits your needs.