Listen Up: The Top Podcasts the tilr Team Enjoys

With 44 Percent of the nation tuning into podcasts, these audible webcasts make for a great use of time during your day.

By: Kaitlyn Humbert

Mornings can be rough. It’s easy to be tempted by a couple more minutes of shut eye or to stay bundled up in bed. If you live out that temptation, you might find yourself running late, so instead of snoozing the sounds of Sencha or Radar every 5 minutes, try getting your day started with a podcast. With over 525,000 shows on Apple Podcasts alone, and more on platforms like Spotify, NPR, and Soundcloud, it can be overwhelming to find a place to start. Take some recommendations from the tilr team on the best podcasts below:


1. The Joe Rogan Experience  

“He always has someone different on. Like CIA agent David Rubin, Dan Bilzerian, rockstars, business owners, people who get rich for weird stuff… always random and different, but I always learn something different. He is a funny host who makes things relatable and interesting.” – Regan Grabill, Marketing Intern

“I like the long-form format. The podcasts are usually 3 hours, so you get a sense of who people really are and what they’re talking about. He has a wide variety of guests (scientists, fighters, comedians, professors, politicians) and does the podcast several times a week, so there’s always someone you’re interested in. Also the format is a conversation rather than an interview, and Rogan isn’t afraid to call people out.” – Cody Marcus, Full Stack Developer

“I grew up in martial arts, particularly Brazilian jiu jitsu through my stepdad and sisters. So since the 90s, we’ve followed MMA and Joe Rogan as a commentator. I like his podcast because his guests range from comedians, UFC fighters, astro-physicists, scientists, doctors, or nutritionists. The topics brought up are very interesting and intriguing. You can’t really pigeon hole it into one category.” – Zack Mullenix, tilr Ambassador


2. Hidden Brain

“I love all social sciences and psychology podcasts — I just find everything about neurosciences, the way the brain works, and how it affects our lives in society –  fascinating.” – Sonia Yuan, UX/UI Designer


3. The Morning Toast

“Morning Toast gives an overview of pop culture and news stories every day, so it’s somewhat informative but also very funny and not too heavy to listen to while commuting. It’s my source for daily news.” – Katie Wright, Web Developer


4. 99% Invisible

“I don’t listen to podcasts much but I’ve always enjoyed the journalism and stories that 99% Invisible features —  I enjoy learning about something entirely different that I wouldn’t normally encounter.” – Adam Png, Data Analyst


5. Masters of Scale

“Reid Hoffman (co-founder of Linkedin and Partner at Greylock) interviews notable founders about different challenges that a startup faces as it grows. They’ve interviewed the likes of Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) to Brian Chesky (Founder of AirBnb), and Sam Altman (President of Y Combinator). I really like the topics and particularly how the show is narrated, I’ll listen to it from start to finish. The team does a great job on audio production too.” – Steve Luu, VP Growth & Analytics


6. Hardcore History

“Dan Carlin is a wonderful narrator. The podcasts are typically a 3 to 4 part series on a single topic. Each episode is about 2-4 hours, but he makes this into a story and you want to know the end. He is honest and compares many different popular thoughts and opinions of the time. At the end of the day, he is a great storyteller. The story he happens to tell is factual.” – Marc Witney, Full Stack Developer


7. Planet Money

“I’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship, which I suppose is what drew me to become an accountant, and also draws me into Planet Money.” – Nathan Devey, Software Developer


8. The Good Life Project

“I enjoy the calmness of Jonathan Fields’s voice, it was like his voice was perfectly crafted for podcasting. This is a weekly podcast and I usually listen to this in the morning while I make breakfast or while cleaning. Each individual has a different story to tell and the episodes are catered around whomever is interviewed. It’s refreshing to hear others’ backgrounds and where they are now in their lives.” – Kaitlyn Humbert, Marketing Intern



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