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tilr's ATS integration and AI designed to identify marketable and emerging skills, enables you to make better and faster hiring decisions. Our tools assist you with managing the top-of-the-funnel candidate sourcing to find the ideal candidate.

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Skill Mapping

Uncover value in your talent network

Using our Skill Mapping technology, we help you rediscover talent internally to maximize your workforce potential and improve employee engagement. Sourcing skills internally not only reduces onboarding time and cost, but it also fosters a corporate culture that promises a future of career growth for employees.

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Over 400K Skills Captured

How It Works

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Employers develop a job description outlining the skills and qualifications of the desired candidate.

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tirl's AI extracts and ranks the skills and recommends skills that are emerging in the market.

tilr skills matching

tilr's algorithm scans your ATS to consider historical candidates, direct applicants and internal employees for the job.

tilr skills matching

Skill Matching

Find your people

tilr’s Skill Matching technology focuses on what matters: finding the right person to do the job in less time. The tilr matching index filters through job applications based on skill, experience and career goals, and ranks candidates based on their compatibility with the position. Whether you’re searching internally or externally, we make the hiring process more efficient by connecting you with the best candidates that are guaranteed to convert into successful hires.

Security, Privacy, and Compliance

tilr's infrastructure is supported by Google Cloud so all data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

tilr meets SOC 2 standards for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

At tilr, we know that privacy plays a critical role in trust. We proactively protect your data and prioritize privacy.

Virtual Interviews

Connect With Your People

Our platform easily integrates with Zoom so you can connect with your top candidates virtually.

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Invest in your people

tilr helps you grow your existing workforce and implement effective succession planning through a series of learning and development programs. Through our partnership with, we give you access to over 300,000 courses tailored for individual learning and cross-functional upskilling. Motivate and engage your employees further through our certification course offerings, which include eLearning courses, training workshops and conferences.

The Benefits

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Faster hiring process
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Scan your entire ATS
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Internal mobility
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Hire the right skills
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Remove bias
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Attract top-tier talent

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