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Learning Hub

Learning Hub is where employees can find courses, register for courses, and login to the course sites to learn.

Find Courses

Find Courses is where employees can find and request courses.

Find courses

The new Learning Hub gives employees more search capability over the course catalogue(s).

Employees can filter the course catalogue(s) by 3 levels of filtering:

  1. Skills

    Aspire Skills - Set in Skills Management

    Skills Gap -
    The skills gap that the employee has to the skills required for their role.
    Administrators and People Leaders can set up the skills profiles for roles in Roles.

    Custom -
    Any skill
  2. Courses

    Course provider
    - Learning providers integrated in tilr

    Class level -
    Beginner, intermediate or expert
  3. Bookmark - Courses bookmarked

Enroll in courses

The course card gives details about the course

  1. Course title
  2. Bookmark - Select icon to bookmark the course and find it later using the bookmark filter
  3. 3 dots - Select to suggest the course to any employee in the organization
  4. Description - Details about the topics and information that the course covers
  5. Full description - Click to read more description and enroll in the course
  6. Learning style
  7. Course duration
  8. Course level - Beginner, intermediate or expert
  9. Skills you'll learn - If a Learner completes the course, these skills will be added to their skills profile under My Skills and Achieved Skills. Click the 'Full description' for details on the skills proficiency
  10. Course provider - the learning provider that delivers the course
  11. Institution - that provides the course content

To enroll in a course, open the course card by clicking anywhere on it and click "Enroll in Course".

This will send a Course Request to the Administrator(s) and People Leader to approve.

My Courses

Once a course has been requested,  My Courses is where a Learner can track their request and login to start learning.

Requested Course

Once an employee clicks "Enroll in Course" the course is in Requested Course.

There are two states for a requested course:

  1. Pending approval
  2. Rejected - the option to "re-enroll" allows to request the course again
In Progress

Once a course request is approved the course is In Progress.

There are two options for action:

  1. Visit course site - click to login to the course site and take the course
  2. Cancel - click the 'In Progress' button and select 'cancel' to unenroll self from the course. The course will move to 'Cancelled'

Once a Learner completes a course the course is in Completed.

The skills are automatically added to the Learner's My Skills and Achieved Skills.

The Learner and their Manager receive an email notifying them that they completed the course.


If a Learner cancels a course the course is in Cancelled.

There is the option to re-enroll which sends a course request to the Administrator(s) and Manager.

Course Requests

Course Request is only visible to Administrators and Managers.

  • Administrators can see and action all course requests from all employee in the organization
  • Managers can see and action course requests from employees in their reporting structure

Course requests are aggregated by employee.

Toggle between employees to see their course request(s).

Two options for actioning a course request:

  1. Approve - grant employee access to the course.
    The course moves to employees' 'In Progress'
    The employee receives an email notification that their course request is approved
  2. Decline
    The course stays in employees' Requested' and is marked "rejected"
    The employee receives an email notification that their course request is declined

Course Management

The Course Management screen is visible to Administrators and Managers and gives the capability to:

  • View who is holding a Coursera license
  • The course Learners are enrolled in
  • A Learners' progress in a course
  • Reclaim license from a Learner

To access Course Management screen:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click 'Settings'
  3. Click on 'Course Management
Course Management screen

If a Learner is enrolled in two courses, like Elysha in the above screenshot, clicking 'Remove Course' will unenroll the Learner from that course but they will still hold the license because they are still enrolled in the other course.

If you click 'Remove License' it will unenroll the Learner from both courses and reclaim the license.

If a Learner re-enrolls for a course in the future, Coursera will remember where they last left off and they will resume their learning.

Email Notifications

Sends when ...
Course completed
Learner and Manager
Course cancelled
Learner and Manager
Course approved
Course declined
Course requested
Manager and Admin
License reclaimed
Personal weekly progress - Every Fri 12 PM ET
Learner, if some learning occurred that week
Weekly learning overview - Every Mon 12 PM ET
Manager and Admin, if some learning occurred on the team
Weekly nudge - Every Monday at 2 PM ET
Learner, if they have not logged in the past 7 day

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