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Teams allows Administrators and People Leaders to view aggregated skills data for groups of people. tilr provides insights into skills, skills gaps, and learning & development investments.

Team Search

Use the search tools to view the desired team.

  • Search bar: type to search for a Role, Department or Tag
  • My Team: search for a people leader
  • Level: for people leaders with multiple layers of reports, select the level to review
  • Reset: clear the search fields

Team Overview

The Team Overview is tilr's insights into this team's skills, skills gaps, and learning & development activities.

Learning Impact - How the training underway is reducing the skills gap on the team.

There are 6 skills that this team is missing but should have for their roles. If the learning that is taking place completes, then the skills gap will be reduced to 5. This is a 16.7% reduction in the skills gap.

Training Efficiency - How many people on the team with a skills gap are actively learning to reduce that skills gap.

1 of the 6 people on the team with skills gaps are learning. This is 16.7% of the team .

Team Learning Opportunities - Impact that further investment on the team would have on the organization. This measurement is based on the importance of these skills to the roles - based on the Should Have, Nice to Have and Bonus skills configured for Roles.

Overall Skills Progress - The team's total aggregated skills count, regardless of the importance of the skills to the team. Skills are broken down to categories:

  • Achieved - Skills acquired through learning and mentorship
  • Actively Learning - Skills being learned
  • Aspire - Aspire skills

Skills Development - The team's total aggregated skills count broken down to categories.

  • Skilled -  Skills that the team possesses
  • In Development - Skills that the team is learning
  • Upskilling - Skills that the team possesses but not at the skills proficiency that the organization requires it
  • Skills Gap - Skills that the team is missing

Team and Skills View

Toggle between a detailed Team and Skills View.

Team View provides the following details about each team member:

  • Name
  • Skills Development - breakdown into: skilled, in development, upskilling, and skills gap
  • tilr Status - the team member's status in tilr
    Idle = Has skills, no login in last 30 days
    Onboarded = Has skills, logged in the last 30 days
    Actively learning = Enrolled in a course
    Invited = Has not setup account
  • Training Impact - click in to see training impact based on the impact on the team and the company. And which skills (up to 5) to pay attention to
  • Proficiency - of the skills required for this team members role, how many of their skills meet or exceed their required skills proficiency
  • Last update - the last time this team members skills profile was updated
  • Exists within - number of employees and roles that have that skill

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