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Learning Pathways allow Admins and Managers to create a set of courses that can be completed in phases. The creator of the Learning Pathway can configure rules for the Pathway and for the phases of the Pathways.

The rules associated with a Learning Pathway can pertain to:

  • Enrolment - which employees the Pathway is automatically assigned to and/or if the Pathway is available for self-enrolment
  • Phases - in which order employees can complete the courses
  • Timing - when an employee can start each phase
  • Skills - how an employee acquire the skills for the courses and Pathway

Create Pathway

Administrators and Managers can create Learning Pathways and will see the "Create Pathway" button.

Click "Create Pathway"

Fill in the Overview screen

  • Name Your Path
  • Enter Pathway Description
  • Trigger:
  • Self-Enroll means anyone can find the Pathway and enroll in it
  • Role means everyone in that role will automatically be enrolled in it
  • + Tag skills - identify the skills that the employees that complete the Pathway will acquire

Configure Phase 1

  • Enter Phase Description
  • Cooling-Off Period - Enable if you want to set a number of days that learners must wait after completing this phase and before they can begin the next phase
  • Inherit Skills - Typically courses are tagged with skills. By turning this on then learners gain the skills from the course, in addition to the path
  • Select a Course

Configure subsequent phases

Subsequent phases have all the same configuration options as Phase 1, as well as the option to required prerequisite phases before the learner can move onto that phase

Once a Pathway is published, employees can find it in two places:

  1. Pathways screen
  2. Learning Hub
1. Published in Pathways:

Published Pathways appear under the 'Published' section in Pathways.

If the Pathway has the option to self-enroll then there will be an "Enroll Pathway" button on the Pathway card.

When a Pathway is published, there is the option to:

  • Edit the Pathway
  • Assign the Pathway to any employee in the organization
2. Discoverable in Learning Hub

Published Pathways that are self-enroll are also discoverable in the Learning Hub.

Filter for Learning Pathways under "Course Filter".

Enrolled Pathway

Every employee has a dashboard that displays the Pathways they are enrolled in and their progress in that Pathway.

Click on 'View Details' to see the Pathway details:

  1. Pathway name
  2. Description
  3. Creator of the Pathway
  4. Skills tags
  5. Who is enrolled in the Pathway, their progress in it
  6. The Phases in the Pathway

Published States

A Learning Pathway can be in one of the following three states:

  1. Published - Live for employees.
  2. Drafted - Not live. For Administrators and Managers to save their work as they are building the Pathway.
  3. Unpublished - Employees can no longer enroll in unpublished Pathways. However, employees that are currently enrolled in a Pathway when it is moved to an unpublished state can finish the Pathway.

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